Hot water for showers, baths, and for the kitchen is a matter of course. But it is also a convenience that draws a lot of energy. As a part of reducing energy consumption, while maintaining the comfort of the house, it is important to choose the right water heater.
Water Heater
Water Heater Installation
It is not always economically justifiable to change water heaters just to reduce energy consumption. A new processor costs a lot in itself. But when a new one is still on the agenda, then it is good to think a little before the purchase.

Separate water heater not always necessary

Not all households need a separate water heater. Several heating systems also include solutions for hot water in the taps. But not everyone.

Sometimes one or more separate water heaters are needed for the household’s needs.
When it comes to wood-heated villas, it can also be a comfort measure, which makes the job easier in the summer, when the house otherwise does not need any heating. A water heater then provides heat to the water without the need for heating.

Hot water heater with accumulator tank

The classic hot water heater consists of an electric heater or a heat exchanger and an accumulator tank.

There are also models where the electric heater heats shields around the heater, which in turn heats the water. This variant of water heater is good to have if the water in the taps is hard.

Otherwise, the lime coating can destroy the electric cartridge and the whole processor breaks down.

The quality of the water determines the type of boiler

The water does not only determine which heating model is the most suitable in the selection of hot water heaters. The inside of the cooker can be covered with either enamel, stainless steel, or copper.

The quality of the water affects which is the best. If you have municipal water, you can get information about the water quality that applies to your particular city.

Size of the water heater

One of the big questions regarding the choice of hot water heater is what size is required. A larger water heater draws more energy, but on the other hand the hot water needs to be enough for everyone in the house.

Here is a list of approximate sizes for different needs:
  1.  60 liters and under-works for the summer house. If the processor holds 60 liters, you can also take short showers.
  2.  200 liters is often good enough in a four-person household. Then a bath or two can also be considered.
  3.  300 liters are needed if a hot tub and other things are on the agenda for those living in the house.
Most households do best with a dispenser for all needs. But of course, there are exceptions to that rule, like all other rules.
This applies not least to those who have provided their house with their small spa, which may be used once a week.

One processor can then be used for daily use, while another is set up for spa life. Then the cost of quantities of hot water need not be paid every day, but instead if needed.
Fort Collins Water Heater Replacement
Fort Collins Water Heater Replacement

What place does the processor take?

The next question is what the processor should look like. If a water heater can be placed in a storage room, it will usually be a hanging or standing model. The same applies if it can be mounted in the basement.

Hanging models are almost a necessity if they are to fit in the kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes the model may be required to be horizontal.

Feel free to measure the space available before purchasing. Otherwise, there may be problems.

Keep the water warm!

Saving energy by keeping a lower temperature in the hot water heater with a storage tank can pose a risk. Then bacteria can start to thrive in the water. It can then give rise to diseases in those who use the water.

One of the more dreaded diseases that can spread in this way is the legionnaires’ disease. It manifests itself as pneumonia.

NOTE! If you keep at least 60 degrees in the water heater, you do not have to worry about bacterial growth. Instead, invest in a hot water heater that has good insulation that is energy efficient. It may cost a few bucks extra, but it is earned on the smaller energy consumption over time.

Throughput crusher

Another variant is a hot water heater that heats the water as the water flows through the heater. Such a hot water heater is called a flow heater.

This type of hot water heater may be suitable in many contexts, especially at taps where hot water is needed in larger quantities, or when hot water is rarely needed.

Namely, in a flow-through heater, the hot water never runs out and the heater only draws electricity when water flows through it.

The disadvantage, however, is that the through-flow heater requires a lot of currents when used. This means that it cannot be installed everywhere, as the fuse system must be adapted to the large temporary load.

The Electric geyser is a simple and easy way to heat up water. It is a small device that plugs into an outlet and heats up water as it is drawn out of the tap. It can be used for multiple purposes, such as cooking, showering, or washing dishes. It heats up water in minutes and saves time, space, and money.

Installation of hot water heater

In addition to the purchase of a hot water heater, it costs to connect it to the existing electricity system. Authorized electrician and plumber are needed for the job.
Keep in mind that it is possible to use the root deduction for this service!