Is selling a house different than selling an apartment? The truth is, yes, it is. Even though the documentation is the same for every property that you are selling, the preparation is quite different. Namely, when selling a house you need to take care of the curb appeal. It is very important to make it attractive, appealing, and visually enhanced because the first impression matters the most. For that purpose, you need to improve your garden significantly. Here are X ways how you can do this effectively. 

Garden Improvement
Garden Improvement

Pay attention to the patio.

The patio in the garden is the path that everybody will use to get to the entrance for your home. This means that what you put along the way will certainly capture the attention of potential buyers. A good idea is to add some outdoor containers, for example, large topicals because they are the perfect display of all the possibilities one can do with the patio area.

Get rid of large objects.

Why should you do this? Well, for starters, large objects such as lawnmowers, unnecessary furniture, barbecues, and so on can make the garden look small and crowded. This could be a deal-breaker for the potential buyer. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to throw them away – you can simply remove them out of sight, for example, in the storage area. You will see how more beautiful the space will look, more airy and open.

Shape the lawn.

Of course, you should take care of the lawn regardless of the fact that you are selling the house. You don’t want it to look like a bushy forest, do you? Having a tidy and pristine lawn is very important for every house owner, so when the potential buyer will see the lawn in shape it will be another plus on the list.

Add bursts of colour

Do you know that you can instantly add some colour to your garden? Choose seasonal plants and flowers that will add liveliness in the garden and see how transformed it will be. You can also go the monochromatic way and choose one contrasting colour that will fit the exterior look of the house.

Cut sick trees and plants and shape existing ones.

Take care of the plant life in the garden. If there are sick ones, get rid of them. If they look bushy and overgrows, shape them instantly. The finish results will show the potential buyers that you not only take care of the house but you can also maintain the garden as well.

Make water features spotlessly clean.

If there are any fountains in the garden, make sure that the water is crystal clear. For example, get rid of visible algae and remove the fallen leaves and also clean the filters. You want the potential buyers to be impressed not disgusted by the view, right?
Garden Improvement
Garden Improvement

Fix anything broken.

If there are any broken faucets or irrigation systems in the garden, fix them without any delays. If you leave them broken and leaking, the potential buyers will think that there are other problems elsewhere with the plumbing net as well.

Use virtual home staging to see how it would look like.

You can always ask from a virtual home staging designer to digitally show the potential of your garden with a photo. This is especially effective for online advertisements, of course with a disclaimer that this is only a virtual photo showing the potential of the garden.

The bottom line

Under no circumstances should you leave the garden unattended and messy. The potential buyers will see it first then enter the home. It will be all in vain to see that you have a luxurious home if your exterior is filthy and appalling.