It is less complicated to sell plots in Pakistan than buying one. This is perhaps because the sellers don’t have to pay the unsteady kinda taxes and developmental costs, etc when dealing with property transactions. To sell plots in Pakistan is not always an easy job. This is mainly due to the saturation of the property market with a variety of sellers. But by following the following strategies you can equip yourself with the tips of how to sell plots in Pakistan at profitable rates.

Finding a suitable Real Estate Portal: Marketing through advanced tools 

Before initiating the process of selling plots you would usually seek a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent. This is how your listing will be presented to the buyers and you will eventually land at a premium deal. The digitization age has introduced the technology of web portals like Sirmaya, that cater to the need of real estate players- buyers, sellers and tenants. 
Sell Property in Pakistan
Sell Property
The process has been made simple and eloquent as your listings to be sold, will appear on the front pages. These are advertised in a fine way on real estate portals and are visible to a maximum number of aspirants that are finding a property, that you are selling.

Keep yourself present through E-Marketing 

Marketing is crucial to selling plots in Pakistan. When you have shifted your concerns towards the benefits of e-marketing, it is essential to keep an eye on how your property is being listed in the online real estate portals. The entire sale and purchase faucets revolve around how your property is being marketed. The idea is to make the plots for sale in Lahore, Karachi or anywhere from Pakistan, be visible to the potential clients and viewership. The major breakthrough in the sector of e-marketing has been upgraded to a whole new level of social media marketing. Famous and easy-to-access marketing media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Use the Peer-Loop

It is a wise move to diffuse the news of selling your plots in your social circle. News spread the fastest when told to an office colleague or a batch-mate. You can ask your closed ones to spread the message to their peers and then their friends-of-friends. The greater the peer-loop the greater is the chance of alluring the potential client in the loop. You can ask people around you, if they have a prospective buyer in their view, and then you two can meet to stamp the deal.

Pamphlet and leaflets

In streets and neighborhoods, you can attract people’s attention by printing the specifications on pamphlets or banners. Spreading the word around the block will make people around you aware of the fact that you have something to sell. Talking about selling or buying plots for sale in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi- the metropolitan giants of Pakistan, it can be an easy task to paste your proposal on a good property portal like Sirmaya Putting up the ‘For Sale’ banner outside the plot or home can notify the passers-by about the fact that there is a plot available in the said area.
Sell Property in Pakistan
Sell Property

Price Tags carry the most weight

When you plan to sell plots in Pakistan, it is recommended to work out the entailed hidden costs before finalizing the lump-sum cost. This may include factors like the initial cost (plus the erection cost), the depreciation rate, the price variances of the neighborhood properties. When you sell your house in Pakistan, price is the main agenda of negotiation. You may find multiple challenges in this scenario as the real estate agents are well-equipped with the technicalities of the domain. At Sirmaya there is an expert word available 24/7 to help you avoid the gimmicks on the way, that may drain your profits.

Woo the buyers through improved aesthetics

If the buyers get an image of your property as over-priced, you may have a smaller client-list. And, if it is having a lower price-tag, you can attract unimaginable loss. Therefore, it is necessary to woo the buyers at the very-right price. If you aim at selling plots for sale in Lahore, the visual aspects and facilities in the surroundings carry weight. If the plot you need to sell is located in a posh locality, you may reap a good capital on that. And if you are selling a constructed house, you can play with its selling price by choosing to flip it or add curb appeal to the facade. A good and fine exterior look is an addition to the aesthetics and will buy you a greater profit. In addition to this, you may use Google Earth to facilitate the buyers to have a detailed idea of where your plots on sale are located. This will add trust and reliability to your client’s mind as they’ll be more concerned about the price and further processes than to question the existence of the property on sale.

Stages of Selling plots for sale in Lahore

The stages of selling plots in Pakistan involve tokenization between the dealing parties. The token money is the amount that depicts that the deal has been made and the parties are ready to roll-on. Once the token money is in action, it is okay to give the prospective buyer a copy of the original agreement for verification purposes.
This is because the land that falls in the jurisdiction of LDA, you being a seller will have to submit an application to ask for the verification of the documents. The buyer then has to come to authenticate the process of this transaction.
The above strategies are designed after carefully analyzing the algorithms on which the sale and purchase function smoothly. You can always mix and match some of the above or can ignore some of them to devise the best strategy for your case. You can browse through Sirmaya to equip yourself with the art of selling plots in Pakistan at profitable rates or buying them at the most reasonable prices!