When you are building a luxury home, you are going all out for sophistication and elegance along with a highly functional lifestyle with increased value. A luxury home is not just a home with a few expensive or overtly exaggerated details. A luxury home is about futuristic living that will not only be perfect for you right now but also for your future generations. That is why you need to make sure that you are adding the right features to your home that will speak of only luxury and class.

Building Luxury Custom Homes in Vancouver

A luxury custom home will be different from other homes. This is not just about a place to live with the family. This is an investment. The property will serve your family for generations by suiting their lifestyle. It will also remain the most valuable asset that will bring you more than you have invested if you decide to sell it. A luxury custom home in Vancouver comes with all the features that will make your life much easier and more enhanced. How? Take a look.


Luxury modern house swimming pool

  • Indoor Living Space with Entertainment Options

For a luxury family home, having an indoor living space is essential. This is the place where you and your entire family will enjoy each other’s company and relax. Leisure is a part of luxury living and when you are building a home with bespoke luxurious features, having a living space like this will be amazing. Welcoming couches and furniture, an entertainment unit, even a warm fireplace will create a welcoming, sanctuary-like atmosphere here.

  • A Decked-Up Kitchen

Yes, it is an important part of your home. Your kitchen will not be just the place of cooking. Your family will share some warm meals with fuzzy warm moments here with each other. You need to have complete functionality so that working in the kitchen becomes effortless. So, go for high-end appliances, oversized kitchen island and surrounding barstools, extended pantry, actual sink, under cabinet lighting, perhaps French doors for a cozy nook that opens to a cute little kitchen garden, you can add all of these and more.

  • Large Home Office

In the past year, people were forced to live inside their homes and do their work. While doing so, everyone realized the necessity of having a home office. Working from the couch or bed can feel comfortable for some time, but in the long run, having a home office will work out significantly better. Construction companies in Vancouver like Roadhouse Homes are getting contracts for these facilities.

  • Smart Integration

Technology is an important part of our life. When you are building a functional and timeless home, smart technology integration is an important part of it. From connecting technology to controlling elements as per the comfort of the family, you can do anything. So, for your home, always invest in smart technology.

  • Outdoor Living

Any custom home builder Vancouver will tell you that the current trend of a custom luxury home is outdoor living. People are investing in spa-style pools, garden water bodies, water features and fountains along with spacious patio and outdoor stonewalled barbeque and so on. The pandemic situation was also a reminder that even when you cannot travel the world, you can be close to nature when you are at home.

  • Wine Room and Library

These two features will be perfect for your luxury home. Your wine room will store the precious wine collection that will be full of your vintage alcohol. Collecting and storing wine are signs of luxury and sophistication. At the same time, a big library at home will be the perfect place for you to relax and take some time for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Incorporate these features in your luxury custom home and create a dream house with all the amazing features.