Repair Toilet Tank

It’s never been simple to deal with a toilet tank that is leaky. Plumbing is a must no matter the water is leaking onto the floor or in the bowl. If you can find the cause of the leak out and know how to repair toilet tank leaks, you won’t be needed to face the excessive hassle and spend dollars on plumbing service.

This article covers the steps of fixing leaky toilet tanks. So, wholly reading the article is recommended.

How to Repair Toilet Tank Leak: Easy-to-Follow Steps

Step 1: Determine the reason for the leak

  1. Turn the water supply off and find the shutoff valve located in the back of the toilet that is connected to the pipe coming through the wall. Turn the valve off to turn off the water.
  2. Now use a marker to mark the water level at the top point where the water reaches in the back of the tank. This will help you determine the rises and falls of water over time. Using a sharpie can be the best bet as the pencil mark can be washed away if the water level rises.
    Repair Toilet Tank
  3. Check if the tank water is leaking to the bowl. For this, add a dye tablet to dye the water that will let you see if the water in the tank is leaking into the toilet bowl. Visit your nearby water provider for dye tablets. And, of course, do not wait less than 10 minutes to let the water change color completely.
  4. Check if the toilet bowl water has changed the color. If you notice any trace of the dye tablet, consider the tank water has leaked. And this indicates that the leak is caused by a faulty flush valve. Replacing your damaged flash valve immediately is recommended.
  5. Have a look at the water level. If you notice the water has risen, it’s an indicator of a faulty valve. On the other hand, if you notice the water has gone down, it indicates a leaky flush valve.

When the water level is up, check if the overflow valve has water in it. This is the indicator of a leaky fill valve that is responsible for water overflow.

If you can’t decide exactly which part is needed to be replaced, purchase a whole kit and replace every part. This can be expensive but will save your time and hassle.

  1. Check if there is a leaky gasket. If you notice dyed water is seeping out from the tank, it indicates a leaky gasket. Replace the whole cracked tank instantly.

Step 2: Replace flush valve

  1. Turn the water supply of the toilet off and drain all the water from the tank by flushing it down to the commode. If the flush is not working, remove the water using a hose instead.
  2. Separate the toilet bowl and the supply tube attached by nuts. You’ll find two bolts that hold the supply tube. Remove them using an adjustable wrench so that you can remove the whole tank. A flathead screwdriver might be needed to hold the bolts while turning the nuts under the tank.
  3. After loosening the nuts, lift the tank off and put it on a stable surface upside down. You can put some towels on the floor if you want to get rid of water getting on the floor.
    Repair Toilet Tank
  4. Now, remove the valve by unscrewing the locknut located on the bottom of the tank. Simply pop out the flush valve once you have unscrewed the locknut. Using a plumber wrench is recommended to get the task done.
  5. Replace the old valve with a new one. Follow the user manual to install it against the tank opening. You’ll find a new flush valve in your local stores.
  6. After that, take a monkey wrench to get the installation process done. Connect all the parts you have disconnected while removing the old one. Do not forget to replace the gasket over the locknut.
  7. Now, it’s time to place the tank back to the toilet. After doing so, tighten the nuts and the bolts you loosened before. After attaching the tank back, turn on the water supply and refill the tank. Now flush to check if the leak has gone. If not, you need to know where the leak is coming from. Make sure you’ve tightened the nuts well.

Step 3: Fixing the fill valve

  1. Turn off all the water supplies and remove existing water from the tank. Also, do not forget to disconnect the water supply behind the tank. Use a wrench to disconnect it.
  2. Again unscrew the locknut using a small wrench and remove the old fill valve. Do not forget to remove all the water from the tank before doing this.
  3. Now, place a whole new fill valve in its place and screw the locknut. Don’t forget to connect the refill tube.
  4. Now, reconnect all the water supplies and check the new fill valve it fills correctly. If you notice it is not overflowing, it is fixed.

Hopefully, these steps will help you fix a leaky toilet tank. Dive into the installation once you feel confident enough. If not, calling for a professional is recommended.