Farmhouse Sink

Old-fashioned farmhouse sinks hold more water because they are deeper than modern top-mount or under-mounted sinks. They were invented in the time when there was not enough running water and that’s why these sinks could hold water as much as possible. Modern farmhouse sinks could match any bathroom or kitchen design to give them an updated appearance.

It is not so easy to clean your farmhouse sink and regular dish wash soap may not clean it properly. Too harsh something could scratch the sink surface. You should protect your sink by using some techniques for removing stains. Before getting into the process of cleaning a farmhouse sink, it is better to discuss the sink materials.

Types of farmhouse sinks

1. Fireclay:

These types of sinks are made of clay and heated to a higher temperature which hardens the clay as well as giving a dense appearance. Such constructing sinks make the final product well-resistant to scratches.

2. Porcelain:

They are prepared from ceramic and preheated like fireclay to higher temperature. They are not as expensive as fireclay sinks. Moreover, they are more likely to discoloration, chipping and scratching.

3. Stainless steel:

Stainless steel sinks are more contemporary than porcelain or fire clay farmhouse sinks. Generally, they are easier to clean, more affordable, easy to maintain.

4. Copper:

This type of sink is created from copper and is less popular in the market nowadays. One advantage of this sink is it could develop a stunning patina on the sink surface because it responds with the changing environment.

How to clean a farmhouse sink?

After knowing the type of the sink material, you could start cleaning your farmhouse sink. Here are some tips to clean it!

Tools required:

  • Sponge
  • Paper towel
  • Soft scourer
  •  Fiber cloth
  • Soft brush

Materials required:

  • Baking soda: baking soda and warm water makes an effective mixture for cleaning
  • Bleach: chlorine-bleach solutions are ideal for off white and white ceramic sinks. This solution would effectively disinfect and clean your sink.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar works effectively to clean lime scale buildup and disinfect your farmhouse sink. you could spray it over the stains, scrub using a sponge and get the results!
  • Glass cleaner: Most of the glass cleaners carry ammonia as their main cleaning ingredient. If you use pungent-smelling ammonia, you may suffer from breathing problems. Thus, it is better to use glass cleaner.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: hydrogen peroxide solutions works excellent to clean as it is safe to use and readily available.
  • Rubbing alcohol: a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol is excellent to kill germs and clean farmhouse sink.

Different methods to clean your farmhouse sink

1. Use baking soda:

Any food could be stuck in the corner of your sink and you need to clean out them. you should run hot water using the faucet round the sink. sprinkle a large amount of the baking soda and gently scrub around it especially around the edges. leave it for a few minutes and rinse your farmhouse sink using warm water. be careful while rinsing and you should not have the water on higher for avoiding water splashes. Use a paper towel or a dry and soft cloth to wipe off the water from your sink surface. By doing this, you could avoid water stains on the sink.

2. Use vinegar:

Clean your sink with warm running water. Apply vinegar using a spray bottle directly to your sink. take a non-scratch sponge for rubbing and continuously rub the sink until all signs of limescale are gone. Rinse it with clean running water and wipe it with a dry cloth.

3. Use hydrogen peroxide:

You may find hydrogen peroxide in every first aid kit and it works as a cleaner. Spray it over your sink and gently rub it. to get better results, you should let it soak overnight. You could rinse simply or just wipe off with dry kitchen rag and get a shining sink.

4. Use bleach:

Remove all items and dishes from the sink. wear hand gloves and rinse your sink with the faucet to identify the spot or stains clearly. You have to prepare a mixture of chlorine bleach and water and add four parts water with one-part bleach. Take this solution in a spray bottle. After that, make a layer with paper towels around the surface of the sink. spray the solution on them and spray more on grimy and stained parts. Let it soak for about 30 minutes.

Remove the towels carefully from the sink and discard them. Use a sponge or soft brush for scrubbing until all stains are gone. Rinse off your sink using warm water thoroughly. Wipe it with dry paper towels or soft clothes.

5. Use lemon juice and salt:

Using the mixture of lemon juice and salt is the easiest way to remove rust. All you need to make a mixture of salt that is sodium chloride and lemon juice. You have to sprinkle some salt on the rusty area and apply lemon juice on it. take a dish rag for scrubbing and scrub it until all the stains are gone. Rinse with water and wipe it off.

6. Dish-wash soap:

There is a chance that the rust or stains arose from dish washing. In such cases, you could remove the stains with liquid dish wash soap. Spread a few drops of the soap over the stains and let it soak for a few hours. Use a sponge or rag for rubbing and rinse with clear warm water.

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Tips for protecting your farmhouse sink

  • You should use non-abrasive detergents and cleaning materials. You may not want scouring off the luster of your sink by using hard scourer such as bristle brushes or steel wool.
  • Don’t use products like harsh hair dyes especially at the porcelain sinks because they are more likely to cause black spots. If accidentally you stained it, make sure that you remove the stains immediately.
  • Avoid leaving objects like sharp pins, needles and knives in your sink because they could scratch your sink.
  • You could place a sink mat to prevent scratches and stains.
  • Don’t forget to dry your sink after using it as water stains could cause permanent spots.


Farmhouse sinks are convenient and classy and gaining its popularity among us. They could add artistic value to the kitchen. It is not impossible to keep your farmhouse sink admirable and clean. You should choose your suitable method according to the budget and follow these instructions above. Clean it regularly and increase its durability!