Your roof keeps your home interior dry, and your roof gutters, in turn, help in keeping the roof itself dry by moving water away from the ceiling and the house when it rains. So when these gutters start to fail, and a roofing and gutter installation company in Colorado Springs such as Red Oak Exteriors recommends a gutter replacement, you should get the gutters replaced as soon as possible. 

Gutter Replacement
Gutter Replacement

Not only will replacing the gutters soon after they start showing issues keep your roof protected from water damage, but it might be possible to save certain areas of gutters by repairing them. While gutter replacement is not as significant of a repair as a siding or roofing replacement, it requires some prep work to make the process easier for both you and the gutter replacement crew. 

Many homeowners who are planning a gutter replacement aren’t sure how exactly they can prepare for the replacement. To help anyone out there who is wondering about the preparations needed before the gutter replacement, we have put together this article and suggest you read on.

Here is how you can prepare for a gutter replacement before Colorado gutter and roofing contractors arrive

While Colorado gutter and roofing contractors there to make your life easier and handle your gutter repair or replacement needs, they will appreciate some prep work by you as well. Not to mention if you have done some basic preparations, it is also going to make sure that you get a high-quality gutter replacement that will last a long time. 

Research about different gutter options

When you are getting the old gutters replaced with new ones, you can get better and more suitable gutters installed. So it makes sense to know about what types of channels you have available that you can buy to replace the old ones. 

Here in Colorado and most areas of the US most popular types of gutters you can get are half round and K style, and both of them have their own set of pros and cons. So it is a good idea to talk to your contractor to help you choose the correct type of gutters to replace the old ones.

Look for water damage

When you are getting your home gutters replaced, it is essential to look for water damage caused by faulty gutters.

If your gutters have been bad for a long time, then the chances are that the water wasn’t being moved away from your home effectively and can cause water damage. So, if your home exterior has suffered water damage, you should address it first and get it repaired before installing new gutters.

Set up temporary water drainage

While you are waiting for your home gutter replacement and it rains, it could cause problems. 

So it would be wise to set up a temporary water drainage system that allows you to move water away from the house. Your roofing contractor or a water engineer can help you set up a temporary water drainage channel

Clear up space around the house

If you have any lawn equipment, furniture, or other items close to the house that may interfere with gutter replacement. The gutter replacement team will need to set up their equipment and materials around the house to perform the replacement efficiently. 

So it is a good idea to remove any vehicles or items placed around the home that may interfere with their working. So once you look up gutter installation near me and schedule a gutter replacement, you should remove all items around the home at least a day before.

Respect local building laws

When you are getting home gutters replaced or doing any other repair work for your home, it is a good idea to check with your local authorities to see if a special permit is needed or not. 

Gutter replacement companies always here to fix your home gutters or replace them, and with a bit of effort from your end, you can get the job done correctly.