A home is the pride of the homeowner.  Due to constant exposure to heat, sun and rain, the look of your balcony might wear out to a large extent, so waterproofing a balcony becomes necessary.  Hence, when your home starts to smell like mildews and the whole environment of the home starts to dampen, you need to start looking at the waterproofing options. Chances are you have not paid much attention to proper balcony waterproofing as it is sort of an addition to your home. You may think that the rain falling on the balcony simply drains down leaving the walls dry. 

Balcony Waterproofing
Balcony Waterproofing

Why is balcony waterproofing important?

  • Having a balcony is not only aesthetically appealing but also a great place to enjoy some alone time. Right from the smallest of the drainage components to the overall internal layering of the ceilings, roofs and the balcony floors, there are multiple works that need to be done for waterproofing. 
  • One of the key benefits of opting for balcony waterproofing is to ensure that moisture does not seep into the walls of the house via wet balcony.
  • Moisture has a way to finds its way deep into the core of a building and you may not notice anything unless it’s too late. 
  • are the only way to ensure that your most cherished part of the house does not become your nightmare.

    Other benefits of waterproofing your balcony are:

    • It goes without saying that a well-maintained balcony is not a health and safety hazard for your family. Overexposure to moisture over a long time causes the concrete in the construction work to loosen and cracks often appear. But there are instances where the wear and tear was internal and by the time signs of damage appeared, accidents happened.
    • With balcony waterproofing you can say adios to molds and mildews which not only causes serious health problems like allergies and breathing but the overall environment of the home becomes gloomy which affects the mental well-being too.
    • Waterproofing the balcony, just like basement waterproofing, also helps increase the property value if you ever plan to sell the house. After the entire waterproofing is done, the correct amount of sealing should also be done to keep the balcony dry for a long time. 

      DiY Balcony Waterproofing Tips

      While attempting any major construction or repair works should be left to the experts, if you have detected early symptoms of balcony damages like loose hand railings or warped beams, or you want to go the prevention is better can cure route, DiY waterproofing can be your cup of tea if you follow the instructions carefully. 

      Balcony Waterproofing
      Balcony Waterproofing

      The following steps will tell you how to conduct a proper balcony waterproofing:

      • If you are planning to buy cement sheets you need to measure the surface area of the balcony. Now will be a good time to consider if you want to customize the area with patterns or other designs.
      • Next, you need to remove the old floor. If the balcony has a concrete or wood flooring, then also, you need to check the overall structure of the waterproofing layers and then apply the layers on the balcony.  Scrape thoroughly so that the new surface is easy to seal and does not come off within weeks.
      • If you plan to use liquid rubber, make sure that dust and other particles are properly removed or else the surface will not adhere. You can use this on the walls of the balcony as well.


        With balcony waterproofing you not only give yourself a clean and safe balcony, but you also ensure the structural integrity of your home remains strong.