Getting the appropriate entry door for your home is vital; however, picking the right hardware for your door is equally important. You might fail to understand. However, the designer external door handles finish your door’s entire appearance, offering you an added sense of security.

Whenever you pick the right hardware for your home, you need a handle matching that complements your door’s style. But it is extremely said than done. You will come across various door handles, hardware, and handle sets to pick from, as it is quite hard to know the one that fits ideally at your entryway doors.

To help make your pick easier, below are the things you should know about the hardware of your door and the way you should understand the type of designer external door handles to finish the appearance and look of your door.

Consider Your Home Style-

It is understandable that choosing new internal door handles can be a complex process, so to get started, it’s important to take a look at your home’s overall style. If your home has a more traditional feel, then picking out modern, angular designer handles for your doors will look out of place. Similarly, if you have a more contemporary home, choosing classic or antique door handles will make it look less cohesive.

Consider The Front Entrance & Security-

The mortise locks offer a better sense of security. If you consider which highly secure lock is for installation on the front, entries are worth considering into choosing a mortise lock. These locks offer a higher level of added securities instead of the tubular latch is the ideal choice.

If you plan to replace these locks and entry sets of your doors around your home, then you are looking at the choices of the tubular and mortise style designer external door handles.

Although the tubular systems are prominent and get found in both business and residential applications, you should know why these locks offer greater security for your home and business doors.

The tubular locks have gained immense popularity since they are quicker and easier to fit as they do not require specialized tools or expertise to install. Therefore, these are seen are relatively simple and secured entry systems. But, in its true sense, these are the primary reasons for these locks to offer greater security levels.

Several home burglaries happen whenever the strike plate on the door gets kicked in or struck with heavier objects. Some burglars can access your residence by weakening the lock or smashing through the door.

Door Setup-

There are times when the kind of door you have will determine the kind of hardware or designer external door handles you should install. Always pay special attention if you have additional thicker doors, as you need to ensure that the hardware arrives with the requisite kit or is suited well to meet these dimensions.

For the external doors, you might come across the doors with a single hole for hardware installations. You should consider a keyless deadbolt like the Stealth instead of drilling out the second hole for this deadbolt which damages the door if the measurements are off the grid or hire the professionals to get them installed. It would allow you to save money to gain added security for enjoying the convenience of never using the key anymore.

The Nature & Kind of Material-

There are numerous styles for designer external door handles, as there are doors on which these are fitted. Therefore, it is important to stay prepared while doing the research. The door hardware in materials such as brass or bronze might appear better in warmer-toned homes, while the cooler tones fit well with the chrome hardware or porcelain and stainless steel. If you use an interior designer, then it might aid you with this kind of decision.

If you are residing in tropical or coastal areas, then the designer external door handles should be able to withstand weather elements such as salt and humidity. It is recommended that marine-grade stainless steel is the best choice as they are salt resistant and have better longevity.


Constructing a home is the most rewarding and astonishing experience. We understand that when settling on the ideal property, one of the other steps involved in choosing the perfect designer external door handles. The experts can help you through each step of these processes, whether you are searching for something bold or understated.