In a time when food ordering apps are taking the food industry by storm, a segment of the market finds its foothold among the more refined palettes. People will always prefer home-cooked meals but the logistics do not always make it plausible. Tech innovators, inspired by other food delivery services, sought to fill the niche by creating platforms that cater to hobbyists and home chefs to prepare the delivery food prepared with love and care in the comforts of their kitchen. Below are some examples of the popular and growing home-cooked meal delivery app today.

Home Cooked Food At Your Doorstep
Home Cooked Food At Your Doorstep

1. HomeCooked

The kind of home-cooked delivery meal, at least in the UK, is the aptly named service,HomeCooked. This platform allows people to order fresh and home-made meals that are prepared by professionals and hobbyists alike who have a penchant and passion for cooking. Only the best ingredients are used to assure customers of the best quality food. It’s also possible to order different types of cuisines for the more discerning diner.

2. Jugnoo Meals

Without a doubt, India dominates the home-cooked delivery industry. They’ve had a robust network of local cooks and delivery personnel delivering ready-to-eat meals since the invention of smartphones. Jugnoo Meals take it to the next level by offering a handpicked menu that is changed daily. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even midnight meals. Partnering with local home cooks and chefs means customers are guaranteed new dishes to choose from every day. They take pride in the quality of dishes they offer and it shows in the huge number of orders they take every day.

3. Yumist

The success of similar home-cooked meals delivery services also spun the creation of Yumist, but with an added twist. It’s hard to find success in an already saturated market but Yumist’s founder, Zomato ex-CMO Alok Jain, targeted India’s corporate world with delicious and ready-to-eat meals. These are prepared with care and consideration in mind. Menu changes daily and the app makes ordering a breeze.

4. HomeMade

HomeMade is another app that allows its users to choose delicious homemade food instead of those made by restaurants. The service partners with local cooks and chefs within the neighborhood to deliver the freshest home-cooked meals into doorsteps. Customers can browse their menus to look for specific cuisines within their area.

5. Munchery

The millennials response to the growing home-cooked food delivery market is Munchery. Hip and cool, this meal delivery service not only caters to local chefs and cooks but users can also place orders for drinks and snacks when going out are not possible. Partnering with smaller businesses means that rates are lower compared to its competitors. They have an extensive menu and customers can narrow down their search down to the type of cuisine they are craving. Munchery is a blend of a food delivery app and a meal kit delivery service.

Home Cooked Food At Your Doorstep
Home Cooked Food At Your Doorstep

6. Watscooking

TheWatscooking platform taps the talent and culinary prowess of home chefs and offers its customers some of the best food prepared lovingly at home. With this app, it’s now possible to find healthy and delicious meals made by people nearby so freshness is always assured. From traditional food to more contemporary almost local fast food chain meals, Watscooking’s menu is well-rounded and affordable.

7. HomeFoodi

Authentic, traditional, and affordable, HomeFoodi made the impossible possible by making a dent in the home-cooked meal delivery by partnering with home chefs. They aim to revive and elevate the culture of consuming home-cooked meals which have slowly slipped in favor of meals prepared at restaurants. HomeFoodi’s advantage, besides quality and taste, is their focus hygiene. Chefs follow strict measures to ensure the food is prepared with cleanliness in mind.