Granny Flat Studio

Family size and needs of families keep on increasing as new members keep on adding to the family, but the size of yourhomes remains the same. Buying a new house is not a practical solution to it as it is still the dream of many because of the high property rates. But then, what is the solution? Should one rent another house? Rent is another expense to bear with and you are never sure if you can get the rental house near your current home. One of the best solutions to these problems is a granny flat studio.

Granny flat studio is gaining popularity and their construction has increased by 10% across Australia. If you want to invest in property, but soaring prices are stopping you from it, here are a few benefits of a granny flat studio that will change your mind.

Granny Flat Studio

5 Benefits Of A Granny Flat Studio

1. Retirement alternatives:

You don’t want to send your parents to aged care, and with time, members of families keep on increasing. However, the size of the homes remains the same; this makes it tough for you to keep up with the increasing need of your family. But if you can have a small 1- or two-bedroom flat in your main property with kitchen and bathroom you can get additional space. Your parents or teenage kids can use these flats; moreover, it aptly suits the newly wedded couple.

2. Office or workshop:

Since covid19 spread, one new culture that took off across the world is work from home. But is work from home that easy? At times, the disturbance at home can discourage you from working and even impact your productivity negatively. However, a granny flat studio can provide you with an excellent work from home option. It is an easy and affordable option to build your home office or workshop.

3. Kids playhouse:

If you have kids and pets at home, you know they can make your home a mess. They need a separate play area; otherwise, they will create chaos as well as they will break things. Hence, to solve this problem, if you want, you can convert a granny flat studio into a giant playhouse for your kids. You can also use it to store their toys and games.

4. Private place:

Often, you all need a place where you can sit and relax and can spend your own time after hard work throughout the day. At home, where kids are playing, and people keep coming and going, this seems impossible. If you want to create a small relaxation place for everyone, a granny flat studio is a great way. You can design them the way you like and change them into a place where you can also have a small get-together with your friends and family. If you want, you can add a small bar and pool to relax.

5. Additional income:

For some of you, these small flats can serve as an additional income in the house. You can build these homes and give them on rent or turn these into a PG that will help you with a lot more money than you can imagine. This income can increase your savings.

These homes have multiple usages and multiple benefits; they are cheap and easy to build. However, you must ensure to find out the laws and regulations related to these homes in your estate and if they are allowed or not. The height and area of the houses are fixed, and if that exceeds, they won’t count under a granny flat studio. Thus, make sure that you understand and adhere to the laws related to granny flat studio.