It has been rightly said so that the heart of the home is the kitchen. It is the domestic space or the hub where meals are prepared with love, care, and affection for the entire family. One might not negate the fact that life is rightly lived in the kitchen- it becomes a sort of an own space for sharing innumerable stories, to passing on recipes from one generation to another. Now there is a whole lot of options from the wall to the floor color, experimenting with kitchen island designs and the slabs and cabinets, and all these render the domestic or the commercial kitchen to be more beautiful ones.

It would generally be a space meant exclusively for preparing food and could be closed to hide any mess that was created.

With the changing times, the power dynamics of the kitchen has also seen a shift from just being a mere place to prepare meals to a place in the home which is frequently visited by the majority of the members of the house, be it the women or the kids or even the men of the house.

Primary Considerations before Redefining the Kitchen

How do you redefine the overall look of any kitchen?

  • A number of people using the kitchen on a daily basis.
  • Will the home have a dining space or the breakfast bar would be included in the kitchen itself?
  • Preferred type of layout – more compact layout or is the open-plan layout.
  • Storage space.
  • Cooking habits- which would decide the variety of appliances

 Suggestions for Renovating the Kitchen to an Alluring One

The kitchen might turn out to be one of the expensive rooms to remodel as per the recent trends. From countertops to decors and appliances- every minute detail of the kitchen requires utmost attention. However, with the following renovation ideas, a person would be able to enhance the look of the kitchen to an expensive one without having a huge budget.

  • Adding marbles to the kitchen works as wonders it enhances the look of the kitchen. It makes the kitchen appear more expensive and elegant. Coordinating the colour scheme of marbles with the colours of the walls could be appealing to the eyes. Marble can easily be cleaned and maintained.
  • People often tend to ignore the lighting, but it might be one of the inexpensive ideas to change the face of the kitchen. Using hanging fixture tend to provide the illusion of a high ceiling. An easy-go and inexpensive idea can be using globe fixtures- a décor which would add up to the extravagant look of the kitchen.
  • Giving the kitchen a fresh coat of paint would make it look appealing. Light colours such as beige or cream might add up to the elegance of the kitchen. For giving the kitchen an extravagant look, one might go for dark colours such as black or greys. A kitchen with white walls with metallic highlights would do wonders for the kitchen.
  • You can go for metallic or wooden cabinets to store heavy and light items accordingly. also, when you go for renovation, you must include a separate space or a show case for storing the electrical kitchen gadgets like oven, mixers or electric cookers.


Thus, it could be said that the kitchen is an ever-evolving space of the home. Having a kitchen that appears lavish could give the person satisfaction and attract more members of the family and would bring them together. However, with the above renovative yet inexpensive ideas one can easily beautify their kitchen as per their own preferences and budget.