We are living in a world full of smart technology. Smart technology will help in upgrading your home to solve your problems and enhance the beauty of your home. Here, we are introducing you with some of the modern home technology that will not only help you in your daily life but also add extra glam to your home sweet home 
Smart Home Gadgets
Smart Home Gadgets

Wi-fi AeroGarden

Aero wi-fi garden is specially designed for the lovers of organic food. This Aero wi-fir garden can be installed in your home letting you have a mini aero garden of your own. Aero- wifi garden can fit in small apartments also. The aero garden doesn’t need soil to grow your plants. It works with water. You can grow herbs, green salads, veggies, fruits on your own using this small aero garden at your home. The wifi garden can be controlled using your smart device like a smartphone via a specified app making it easy to operate. This beautiful Aero garden won’t only provide you with organic farming but also enhance the charm of your house. 

Smart Range Hood vents

The smart range hood vents are new generation vents that will let you experience something new in your life. Smart range hood vents can be connected with your smart device and you can control it via a specific app on your mobile. Some smart vents also come with LED panels that will let you browse different recipes, show you a calendar and some come with the feature of accessing your security cameras also. Unlike old kitchen chimneys, Some smart range vent hoods are also compatible with Google Assistant. 

Smart Digital Faucet

Smart digital faucet is a device that will help you to contribute to your environment by saving a lot of water every day. Smart faucet is a modern device that enhances the beauty of any house. Smart Faucet comes with an IR sensor that senses the movement of your hands under the faucet and turns on the water flow and turns off on the removal of hands. Smart digital faucets display the exact temperature of the water and you can change it according to your preference. It will preheat or cool the water according to your set specifications even before turning on the water. 

Smart doorbells

Smart Doorbells are connected with your smart devices and let you control the security of your house. Some smart doorbells also work along with smart door locks for better handling the security of the house to give you stress-free life experience. Smart doorbells come with sensors to sense the visitor on your door and send a notification on your connected device. Smart doorbells are programmed with Infrared cameras and microphones that will let you talk to visitors without even opening the door. Smart doorbells linked with smart locks allow you to open the door with your smart devices. 
Smart Home Gadgets
Smart Home Gadgets

Smart Air Purifier

Smart Air Purifier will let you inhale the fresh air by cleaning all the dust particles and pollutants from the air of your room. Smart air purifiers can be connected with smart devices and show you real-time information about the air quality of your room. You can change the fan setting of the air purifier using your smart device. 

Smart Bedding

Smart bedding is a great innovation for those people who don’t have enough time to make their beds. A smart bed is a self-making bed letting you sleep in peace after a hectic day. A smart bed lets you set the temperature of your bedding according to your preference. Some smart bedding also lets two people set the temperature on their side according to their preference. Brands like BedJet and SmartDuvet offer smart bedding systems. 

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat is designed in a way that it can be controlled manually or using your smart device. You can adjust the temperature of your room according to your preference manually as well as using a smart device. Smart technology uses smart technology to reduce human error to the minimum while setting the temperature for different times on different days.