Bar stools are in the heart of your kitchen/kitchen food for many. Whether it’s meals with family, breakfast by yourself or others, or sitting somewhere reading a book and drinking coffee, bar stools that match any counter in your kitchen will not only protect your space, but much more in your kitchen. It will make more modern.
Bar Stool
Bar Stool 
The age of big tables and big chairs is not necessarily behind us, but now there are some new options to visit. The kitchen craze of bar stools and counters in the dining area of your kitchen doesn’t seem new, the newcomer has been coming back with emphasis over the past few years. They are smoother, more modern and in most cases much more comfortable than just wooden kitchen chairs.

Different stool styles

The style of your bar stool and the type of kitchen counter you have with you is important to complete the perfect modern kitchen. Some people go for a 4-legged static stool, which does not allow you to swim 360 degrees, others choose an oval base with the ability to adjust the height and swivel the whole 360   degrees. Your choice is your own, for here at Lakeland Furniture we can fulfill any of your wishes, not only when the bar stool arrives, but also decorates all aspects of your kitchen and home.
Below you can see some of the popular stools that we carry in stock.

The location of your bar stool

The location of your stool can greatly affect the aesthetics of your kitchen or dining area. Before you make this decision you must think about how you are going to use the space.
There are several reasons to play when making this choice. The color scheme you choose will also play a role in how you form your opinion about a style. Some people prefer several malls at the end of their counters, others have equal amounts on both sides to create a dining space.
One more thing you should think about is if there is any utility at your central counter; I.e., a sink, hobby or stove. If this is the case then having all the stalls around your counter can not only develop aesthetics but it is also not practical.

The size of your bar stool

We will assume that you have considered all the previous points and have an idea of   the stool you want to choose.
Height is a very important factor when creating a comfortable seating area. There should be enough space under the counter for your feet to rest comfortably without bending the knees above or next to your counter (we all did it!). We’ll assume you have an idea of   the height of your counter.
Bar Stool
Bar Stool 

Get ready for some measurements!

Approximately for those counters. 90 cm tall, we recommend that you choose a seat with a height of 65-70 cm (excluding the backrest) pool It not only gives comfort, but nowadays a wide range of stools have a gas-lift system that must help you manage the height of your stool. Gives.
If you use the table below and cross-reference the height of the 65-70 cm stool with a 90 cm counter height, it allows enough space for a maximum comfortable room to move your stall up and down.
For 100-110 cm higher commercial counter sizes (bars, pubs, etc.) we would recommend that you choose a stool that has a seat height of anywhere between 75-80 cm. It allows maximum comfort for both tall and short individuals, as well as children.
The table below will give you all this information in a short and easy to read format.

Stool with or without back grease

When we are talking about comfort, blackgrass is a popular feature that people decide to choose.
At Lakeland Furniture, we do a wide range of bar stools where there is no back green, no backsliding, even half backsliding!
Here, we’ll show you a few examples of blackgrass with our different ranges and where we think they fit with your kitchen or commercial bar. 
Pictured above is our Apollo bar stool which comes in a multitude of different colors and as you can see, features comfortable leather padding to cushion you as you sit down and a gentle curve in the seat.
The base of the stole was made of chrome-plated metal to give this sleek stool a modern look which we think looks great on any kitchen dining counter.
Below we have an Athena wood fixed height bar stool and this particular stool features the half backrest we talked about earlier. Although this stool buy can be of a certain height, it has a 360-degree swivel function.
This stool is a special favorite of our customers. The frame is made with a mixture of hard and rubberwood, making this piece the centerpiece of any room.
The fabric used to make the seat is a mixture of different fabrics, it gives the strength and durability of a leather or acrylic seat – something that is necessary to think about how many times you are standing when sitting in the back!