Room arrangement majorly impacts the aesthetics and functionality of a room. If your room is small, the challenge is bigger. A little extra or oversized furniture tends to make a small room look cramped. Here are some common mistakes that can mar the entire décor despite spending a fortune to furnish the rooms.
Small rooms are very tricky to design. For small rooms, the basic design fundamental should be – less is more. Smart room arrangement and placement of your furniture plays a significant role in the décor of your house. Try to keep spaces between furniture so that you can have a free movement without tripping over things. 
Small Room Arrangement
Small Room Arrangement
While doing interior design for a small room, be it the bedroom or the living room, people often make the following mistakes:

1. Putting too much furniture in a small room

This is one of the most common small room arrangement mistakes. If you have a small bedroom, for example, don’t clutter with too much furniture. You can shift the lamp from the top of the table to a shelf above the bed. Also, you can hide the dresser inside the closet and free up valuable floor space.

2. Keeping furniture right against the wall

While researching various room arrangement ideas, avoid the tendency to line up the furniture against the walls. You might think that it will free up the center space of your small living room, but it will make it look like a dance room! Try to float your furniture even if it means keeping a gap of a few inches between your sofa and the wall.

Furniture Arrangement
Furniture Arrangement

3. Neglecting the scale

Many people forget the importance of scale when deciding on room arrangement furniture. If you have a small living room, don’t go for the massive coffee table. It will throw the décor off-balance. Instead, opt for small and interesting accent pieces. Also buy small size tables and chairs instead of large ones. 
Many people are prone to decorate their rooms with items that are of the same size and height. It makes a small room very boring. But if you mix and match articles of different heights and sizes, it would visually enhance the size of the room.

4. Not having storage spaces

While deciding on a room arrangement for a small space, for example,a bedroom, most people make the mistake of ignoring the storage space underneath the bed. This can accommodate a ton of things, like clothes, and make your room clutter-free.
Room Arrangement
Room Arrangement
Suppose you have a large collection of books. So it makes sense to have a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf to accommodate them. You can fix some of these storage issues on your own if you have some tools like the best circular saw handy. 

5. Bad lighting

We can hardly overemphasize the importance of lighting in your room arrangement decoration. Inadequate lighting or too harsh lights can ruin the look of a small room. Plan for as much natural light as possible to make the room airier. Also, try for accent lights like sconces which will highlight specific articles of interest like a painting or a mural.

6. Choose wall colors wisely

While deciding on room arrangement ideas for the bedroom, don’t make the mistake of choosing a dark color. It will make the room more cramped. Instead choose light, neutral shades which will make the room more spacious.

7. Select the right wallpaper

Have you ever entered a small room that has large floral motifs in the walls? They are very hard on the eyes and make a small room look even smaller. Instead, opt for wallpapers with the smaller motifs or consider adding an accent wall to make the room spacious. 
Sometimes small mistakes affect the impression of the room as a whole. Thus, by making a few mistakes you can turn a small room into a pantry. On the contrary, following the simple rules that you read, you have the opportunity to make your room visually spacious and attractive.
Do you have any small room design ideas that you would like to share with us? Please mention in the comment below.

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