The ideas for environments separated with dividers are numerous and contemporary choice for large and small rooms. They can help give spaces more functionality, since they allow you privacy or openness according to the time and needs, in addition to many times being, in themselves, practical and useful furniture. 
Room dividers
Room divider

Other times they add the elegant and attractive touch to the room

If you are thinking about how to separate rooms in a space to give it more efficient use, add an accent touch to a room, hide areas or achieve privacy, whether temporary or permanent, functional or decorative, room dividers are the solution for your Searching. 
Ways to visually separate spaces without losing the feeling of being in an open floor plan.
Ideas to achieve independence in the same common space, separate environments using various resources within our reach.

Have wider and more open spaces 

From sliding glass doors to divide rooms to fixed glass panels that convey a sense of continuous space and add natural light. Auxiliary furniture such as screens, cabinets, bookcases, and metal or wooden structures with different designs, will be practical and decorative separating elements.

Bookcase Room Divider Design Ideas 

Shelving Room Divider: Like the idea of ​​an organizational need hidden behind closed rear doors, shelves have come out of the closet and have made a grand entry into the world of design. Reading Shelves is not an efficient method and is generally prepared to sort, display and stock your little things, but it can be opened with a lighter, bigger and better Sky Air. 
If you want to create a surgically remote environment but don’t want to build a wall, installing a bookshelf with an open shelf can easily divide the room. This can be seen in many loft-style rooms or studio apartments. Room divider the use of dividers is practical and seamless. It allows the flow to flow from one room to another, but allows specific work in each room. 
Best Room dividers with open shelves can be tall (almost to the ceiling) or low (creating a partition wall in the center of the wall). In both cases, you can sort them by coordinating the color and type of objects on each shelf. 
Room dividers
Room divider

Screens Decorate and Separate Your Environments with Style

There are accessories that are always present in the decoration. They are immortal classics that over time adapt, update and never disappear. We are talking about folding screens, those versatile pieces that not only separate different environments, but are also a way of giving personality to your favorite spaces. 
With your creativity you can find it the perfect location in your home. And the best! is that today they exist in different colors, sizes and materials. Here we inspire you with some ideas for you to choose the one that best suits your style.


When we name the word boho or bohemian we immediately imagine a relaxed decoration, a lot of color, something hippie, but with a lot of vibes and a touch of elegance. Those are precisely the characteristics that define this stained glass screen. 
Here, the idea is to dare and get out of the classic one-tone and texture-free room divider. Mixing and adding to your decoration, representing a more creative and free spirit are the basis for choosing this screen. 
If you are looking for something a little simpler, but just as true, we invite you to get inspired with this screen with Moroccan design. It will look very chic in your spaces!