Shifting to a new place, in a new country could be difficult for those you have never stayed alone. Setting up a new house without mom, dad, friends, buying groceries, finding laundryman, searching for best restaurants for emergency purpose is not at all easy. For once you can manage other stuff but setting up an apartment or house could be difficult as well as boring at the same time, except for those you are staying without their family for a long time.
Enjoy Decorating
Home Decorating
But do not worry as “Where there is a will there is a way” and we have a way for you, would you like to know more about that? then stay calm and focus on the blog.
1. Jot down your ideas.

Well it’s your first time that you are setting up your apartment, aren’t you excited? Don’t you have some crazy ideas for each room? If so, start writing them. Jotting down your ideas help you to stay more focused and less confused.
Instead of hiring a painter, paint yourself and for that, you can search on the internet or can even ask your friends about the colour combinations. You can even design your room based on a theme, for instance, retro, Hollywood, Bollywood, modern, contemporary and minimalist etc. If you don’t want to go according to themes you can choose colors as per the room like a bedroom is where you feel like resting so the colors should bright but in a balanced manner. You can combine white with the lightest shade of blue, something like that. Try to keep a limited amount of furniture. Don’t fill your room just to make it fancy. Keep it simple and sorted.
Similarly for your kitchen add some funky pictures, some funny quotes related to food, cute spoon stand etc just to add colors and make it more fun-loving after all why should cooking be boring? 
2. Wear men’s lingerie.

So before you start settling up all the furniture prep yourself i.e. wear the most comfortable clothing, which is your underwear. What? Shy or what? Come on man you are all alone.
Well working in your men’s underwear gives you the freedom to move, run hence you don’t feel restricted and the best part about modern-day men’s underwear is that they are crafted in lightweight fabrics such as sheer underwear, mesh, lace, silk which gives you the feeling of nothingness. 
There are several styles such as boxer briefs, jockstraps, briefs, G-string and boxer briefs but the one I would like to suggest is men’s jockstraps because their protective cup protects your bundle better than other styles as you never know when you hurt your family jewels. To make it more glamorous pair them with your tank top, T-shirt and even with your bare body so that even if someone feels like staring at you enjoys your tattoo and six-pack abs torso, after all, that’s wrong in flaunting what you got? 

3. Play some music

After preparing yourself its time to get back to work but wait have you put on some music? Decorating your house without playing music and that too when you are all alone, have no friends around, you could be boring. Put on those speakers (in moderate volume because when don’t have to punish other people) and play your favorite songs. Even if you are a fan of instrumental music bring it on no regardless of what other people will think of you. 
Enjoy Decorating
Home Decorating
4. Dance with your broom and mop stick.

It’s difficult to stop yourself when you are a dancer when music is on and the worst thing is you don’t have a person to dance with you but don’t your worry child, you have mop stick and broomstick with you, allow them to show their hidden talents. Not only things will get cleaned up but you will fall in love with the process as well. 

5. Don’t work continuously.

When you are done setting up one room take a break for a few minutes. Relax, eat something or video call your family members and show them how nicely you are managing things here just to stay motivated. This way you won’t feel exhausted and can work better. 
6. Phone a Friend.

To make things more interesting you can work while talking to your best friend. You guys can discuss all those stupid things which both of you used to do when you were together. Ask him what’s going on in his life, tell him how’s your new apartment etc. 
Decorating your house alone is not as great as it sounds because you don’t have anyone else to guide you but if you follow these simple steps things will become much easier.