A mixer grinder is a kitchen appliance used for the preparation of food. A motor in the mixer grinder is used to rotate the blades that mix and chop food inside the container.With the help of electricity, a mixer grinder helps you to perform many kitchen tasks which are much accurate, efficient, and faster also.With the help of a mixer grinder, you will perform any task like stirring, blending,whisking, and beating, etc.

Mixer Grinder
Mixer Grinder

However, there are various options of mixer grinder of different brands available within the market.You will find different types of mixer grinder in the Indian market. But in this article we are going to tell you about which one of them is best suitable for your task.Before buying any type of mixer grinder, you should have to check out the buying guide of different types of mixer grinder which help you to make a wise purchase. 

Different types of best mixer grinder in India consistent with their use and availability in Indian market are:

1. Hand Blenders (Handheld electric mixer)

Out of different mixer grinder, this type of mixer grinder is easy to use because it is extremely handy. Hand Blenders can perform every task very easily. Hand Blenders is also referred to as Eggbeater. It is used to perform tasks like stirring, beating,and mixing the ingredients in a bowl.
You will find different brands of hand blenders in the market but the thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing the best hand blender is that it must have a high RPM motor to do your job easily.
This kind of mixer may be an excellent option if you’re trying to find the best mixer grinder in India.
The benefits of Blenders are that they’re cheap, portable, very easy to use , take very less space for storing and that they are very handy plus are often used for many tasks.

2. Stand Mixer Grinder

The main reason behind why most of the people buy this type of mixer grinder is that this type of mixer grinder performs any kitchen task with accuracy. If you belong to the middle class family having 2, 3 members in the family, then stand mixer grinder is the perfect option available in the market.
There is a jar which is a component of it that has got to be attached on top of it which is further rotated by an electrical motor.The ingredients like vegetables, fruits, masalas, etc have to be put inside the jar.Things to be in mind while purchasing the best stand mixer is that it should have an overload sensor which notifies you when it gets exerted, should not occupy large space in your kitchen, to avoid slipping this type of mixer grinder should have vacuum suction grippers at bottom, it must be shock resistant, the jar should have chrome steel or nickel-plated blade for higher durability and will must have multiple speed option in order that you’ll adjust speed consistent with the ingredients.

The benefits of employing a stand mixer are that it can perform every task easily because it features a powerful motor, is super-fast and efficient and creates less mess and is straightforward to use.

3. Food Processor

A food processor is the most useful mixer grinder with so many options to perform any task and it makes it to be the best mixer grinder available in the Indian market. Food processors can perform various tasks like slicing, shredding, chopping, grating, pureeing, mixing, and kneading dough. This type of mixer grinder is similar to the previous one but the only difference is that in this type of mixer grinder, we can change the blades according to the task. The most important benefits of using a food processor is that it requires very less or almost no water.

Mixer Grinder
Mixer Grinder

The important things, you should keep in mind while purchasing food processor is that it should have enough output power, must have faster atta kneading feature, must have multi speed option, should have features like slicing, chopping, grating, mixing, pureeing, kneading dough, and shredding and it should have a grinder jar with maxim capacity and with multipurpose blades.

one of the big advantages of using the best food processor is that it’s faster than all other products, can carry literally every task with ease and lastly. It’s hassle free and straightforward to use.


These were a number of the choices which you’ll consider while buying a mixer grinder. You’ll choose any type of mixer grinder according to your use. These different types of mixer grinder is best suitable for various tasks whereas a food processor is one which is most versatile and may perform any job very easily and most compatible.