Restumping, also known as reblocking, is when existing stumps under a house are replaced with new ones. A home may be restumped entirely (where all the stumps are replaced) or partially restored (if some foundations are still in good condition). Restoration usually involves replacing eroded wood stumps – for example, those that have rotted or damaged whales – with concrete, galvanized steel, or rot-resistant wood stumps.

Restumping can be an essential home improvement, as the stumps support the house’s structure.

What has been involved in Restumping a House?

Typically, the process will begin with a professional assessment of which stumps need to be replaced. According to Restumping provider Australian Reblocking, this often involves inspecting the stumps for corrosion and using a layer to inspect the floor condition.

  • Before starting work, you should also check the soil under your house. An engineer should evaluate how deep the stump is depending on soil conditions. This can help avoid problems in the future.
  • The next step is to jack up the house and remove the defective stump. The remaining stump holes may be reused, or further excavation may be required if they are not deep enough.
  • After that, new stumps will be placed, ensuring that the house sits evenly. Once these are installed, the house will be secured with a new stump. 

Cost of home restumping: 

House restumping costs around $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 for a small to medium-sized home with one to three bedrooms, but it depends on the condition of your existing home foundation. Prices vary depending on the number and type of stumps required, the height of your property, and the complexity of the other work.

Restumping (or reblocking) is a large project that decides to support the structural foundation. The house restoration process is usually done when working with earthworks, renovating a house, or replacing an old stump.

Considering the Restumping area of ​​the house consists of about 150 square meters or one bedroom, you can expect to pay from $ 10,000 to $ 23,000. Larger sizes can cost $ 25,000 or more.

Stumps can be installed using concrete, steel, or wood, and you need to decide the price depending on what type of building material is used in your home. Hiring a professional restumping contractor is essential to ensure installation and repair quality. You can search them online and ask for a quote. You can compare their prices to choose an affordable option. 

Factors That Affect The cost of home restumping services:

Many factors determine how you will be charged for a restumping project. Consider the following points when obtaining quotes from house restructuring contractors for your financial management.

  • Type of stumps:

Concrete stumps are usually more expensive than wood stumps. You can save potential costs on concrete restumping because it provides more stability and does not require any maintenance cost.

Wood deteriorates quickly, especially when exposed to moisture. When replacing wood stumps with concrete, the quality of the footing to be installed will affect the cost of stump replacement.

Steel and threaded concrete are other stumps that cost more than concrete and wood.

  • Property height

The height and length of your stump will affect the cost of restoration. For example, a 400 mm long and 75×75 mm wide concrete stump costs about $ 5. Expect about $ 10 for a 1200mm concrete stump of the same width.

Typically, Restumping contractors remove floorboards to set up hydraulic jacks to install stumps. This method of reblocking or resetting can have less impact on the cost of restumping.

On the other hand, digging a trench to gain access to the bottom of the property may be required to work in a low-lying house.

Using advanced equipment for excavation work will increase the cost.

  • The number of stumps

The size and type of the property play a significant role in determining the number of stumps that you will need. A 150m2 wooden house requires about 80 stumps, whereas a brick veneer of the same size may require about 60 symbols.

  • Duration of work

The number of days required to complete home restoration projects will depend on the level of difficulty the site encounters. Typically, it takes 7 to 14 days to meet the job requirements. So you need to pay labour charges additionally.

  • Structural amendments

Works after repairs such as repairing damaged walls and reinstalling floorboards will significantly impact restoration costs.

A building engineer must evaluate the property to ensure its structural integrity.

The cost of home Restumping On average, the price of a stump in Melbourne can be around $ 100 per stump. For a 1400mm long and 75x75mm wide steel stump, the expected cost is $ 62 each. Add more like the length of the stump increases.


When asking for quotations from potential house Restumping contractors, be sure to include the exact specifications. This will help you compare prices and choose the one that offers the best value for your money