Amidst the battle of life and livelihood, every one of us yearn for a dream house with basement area that situates in a place like gardens and meadows. We work hard to have our dream house with lots of dedication. We spend more than 60% of our earnings in our dream house. So, to get the house that fits in our dreams, we must have some plans and ideas to build our mansion or else it will become a nightmare. Now day’s basement is an integral part of every house. We all are exceptionally busy in our lives, so sometimes we need a room or a space where we can have some recreational activities that will add value to your daily living. 
House Basement
Now, to build your dream house with the basement area, you have to supplant some components that will make your house no less than a picturesque. 
  • You need to choose an area, where you will make the floor plans, garden plans, basement plan etc.
  • How you will specify the rooms in the sunlight corners, to gobble the winter fruits and to manage the place for keeping the home theater to watch a horror movie.
  • You should have a stipulated budget to plan the house of your dream
  • You have to find out how many rooms you will be required for you and your family members.
  • If there is an architect available in your family, take help from him/her to draw the walls or to add the architectural features in your house.
  • Also, you can depend on the furniture of your existing house that how much place that each furniture will occupy in that room.
  • Your foundation in that land will help you to discover the basement area.

If your budget is low and you are thinking of a luxurious dream house plan, you can utilise some smart plan. 

Architect is in or out

To make a dream house these days everyone is following the trend of taking the help from an architect. No deny in the fact that the architect will give you proper plans to make your house plans , but at the same time they will charge more amount for, that drawing or for the foundation of that building. If someone is in your family is an architect you can tell them to design the walls and floors of your house but they will also charge certain amount of money. 
In that case you can take the help of YouTube videos to make your dream house plan. There are ample videos available in the internet today. It will reduce the cost of your architect and you can utilise that money in decorating one of the spaces of your house.  The choice is yours whether you want your house with spending more money or less. 

Interior Designers and roof planners

Interior designing is the new talk of the town as they lay out beautiful corners, spaces, walls, decorated open space area in the houses. But, to afford the interior decorator is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also they charge much higher rate than the master craftsmen carpenters and painters.  All you can do, these days videos of houses of many you tubers you will  get to see in Vlogs.  Also many interior designers show designer crafts and house plans in their personal channel, you can take, the help of those ideas and you can share with the craftsmen that are already building your house.  
For the roof plan, you can go through the neighbour’s roof designs. People have different shapes of roofs that will attract you to design the same sometimes.  With the help of AutoCAD, you can draw the designs of the rooftop of your house.  Sometimes, if you buy the roof designs of a company they will also guide you better to find your dream roof. 

Basement the essential area

Basement with exterior designs can make your house astounding. You will feel more energetic if you keep your basement area for gym activities or for some recreational activities. The basement area you can also use for car parking or something like a storage area where you can store many things. Your basement area can be a secret room sometimes. If you are not available with the space, then try to make one less room as bedroom and keep the space for the basement. You can also have the basement area with the help of extension of rods in your ground floor balcony. A basement area will always have cooler temperature, which will help you in summer to rest in. Many people use it in different perspectives. So, the decoration of basement area will be varied from person to person according to their need. 

Principal Key rooms

The dream house will consist in least possible two bedrooms, one hall room , kitchen cum dining room , drawing room, study room, two bath rooms and one corridor , and of course the basement area that will help you to use in different outlook. It will add scenic beauty to your house. 
Now, you can decide whether you want the house plan with architects or designers or you want to make it yourself with the help of software and applications. Both will give you astonishing way to make your house a beautiful one.  And the budget will also specify some decors in it. In short the house plan with basement area will give you miracles from time to time.