Keeping food chilled at the right temperature helps them to stay fresh and last longer. Storing food in a standard temperature can help to avoid foodborne diseases.
Energy Saving
Energy Saving 
Refrigerator has been a great innovation for food preservation. Food can be stored and served for days, even weeks.
As the temperature rises, the bacterial growth may increase resulting in food poisoning. To slow down this process, the refrigerator maintains afavorable temperature to stop the deterioration of food.
Another advantage of having a refrigerator is that it slows down the natural ripening and eventual decay of food.
Refrigerator has evolved with the latest and advanced technology to make the work easy. It is the only appliance that runs day and night without any holidays.
Refrigerator covers 13.5% of the overall energy usage of the house. It is crucial to take the necessary steps to minimize excess energy usage.
We have listed important energy saving tips to understand how the fridge consumes extra energy and different ways to avoid it.

6 Energy-Saving Tips To Follow

1. Replace Your Old Refrigerator.

If you are buying an efficient premium refrigerator with all the latest features, there’s a good chance you’ll be saving a huge chunk of money over the next 5-10 years.
Try to replace the refrigerator which is 5-10 years older with more energy-efficient model. When we look at the history of home refrigerators, the energy usage of refrigerators has decreased by 50% for every 15 years.

2. Always Close The Door When Not Used.

When we open the door cool air escapes and warm air from outside enters inside. Due to this temperature increases and the refrigerator has to work hard to bring back the standard temperature.
Daily used fruits and vegetables have to be easily accessible and avoid keeping important items at the back.
Always Close The Door
Always Close The Door

3. Only Keep Cold Food In The Fridge.

Avoid storing warm food in the refrigerator immediately after eating. Keep it outside for a while, let it cool down to room temperature.
Then store the food inside the refrigerator for efficient cooling. If hot food is kept inside, then the interior temperature in the fridge increases.
This increase in temperature overburdens the compressor and it has to work more than it is usually designed.
One more tip: Never keep chopped vegetables and fruits in the fridge. Some bacteria or refrigerator cooling gas absorbs all the healthy stuff from the fruits as more surface area is visible outside.

4. Check Gasket Seals Regularly.

Gasket seal is meant for preventing air exchange between the outside environment and the refrigerator. It is also used for blocking foreign substances from entering inside.
It is very important to have regular checks whether the seal is intact or sealed tightly. When you find that the seal is damaged, replace it immediately with the new one.
Follow these steps to check whether the seal is damaged or not. Insert a piece of paper between the door. If you can pull the paper easily then assume that the seal is damaged and need to be replaced immediately.

5. Try To Defrost The Freezer Regularly.

Thick layer of ice forms inside the freezer regularly over time. This ice layer can act as an insulation and the cooling system has to work more to cool the interiors.
Defrost The Freezer Regularly
Defrost The Freezer Regularly
It is good to manually defrost the freezer or some refrigerators have an auto defrost button to remove the ice layer.
It is better to buy a frost-free refrigerator to save a good amount of energy. Most double door refrigerators have frost-free technology.

6. Clean The Condenser Coil Regularly.

Condenser coil has to radiate heat outside regularly to maintain the cold temperature inside the refrigerator.
If coils are covered with dust then it becomes difficult to radiate heat outside. The performance of compressors may come down resulting in huge energy consumption.


Follow these steps to easily save a pretty good amount of money on your electric bill. If you’re going for a new refrigerator then don’t just focus on premium features and technology, give weight on its energy efficiency. You can refer to this article before buying the best refrigerator in India. Comment below if there is any doubt about the information mentioned above.