It is evident from the name that steam cleaning washes things by using steam. Steam cleaning is not only suitable for rugs or carpets but also  for floors, mirrors and any kind of grease regardless of requiring cleaning at industrial levels or household.
Steam Cleaning
Steam Cleaning 
The process of steam cleaning is performed by heating the water above its boiling point which results in water vapors then these vapors are pressurized through a nozzle and afterwards used to clean the object being passed through the oven. As steam cleaning does not require any material other than water vapors for the execution of the cleaning process, so it takes less time to dry than any other source or medium of cleaning.
Steam cleaning not just cleans your stuff but is has the potential that it disinfects and gives a super clean, neat and shining glow to your house. It gives a refreshing touch to all the areas you wanted to be thoroughly cleaned and forms a crystalline appearance of the target area.
Although steam cleaning is a new method but has gained its position in majority of the  markets and gradually its scope and trend has increased. We at Annex Construction Inc. offer steam cleaning in Brooklyn and pledge to provide the highest quality of cleaning. Our objective stands tall that customer satisfaction is the priority goal of our company where compromise is never an option.

Benefits of steam cleaning:

Annex Construction Inc provides various types of benefits to our customers for the service option of Steam cleaning in Brooklyn

Stain removal

It gets really messy and hectic to remove stains like glue, ink etc  from your carpets or curtains. At Annex Construction Inc our specially designed process of Steam cleaning in Brooklyn has all the qualities to ease your life. Our method makes it very easy to remove stains as steam passes through every single fiber of your item and cleans it thoroughly.

Bacteria removal

Many germs and bacteria are not visible to human eye and no matter how much we wash your things there are still some left on your product. With the steam cleaning services we provide you need not to worry. Our steam cleaning experts assure you that the effective process of steam cleaning at our company holds the advantage of throwing off bacteria from your target area and will have it cleaned within minutes. 


Time saving

The process of steam cleaning itself is not a hefty or time consuming task and when combined with the expert and professionally trained hands of our company employees, we guarantee you a speedy cleaning process which you might not have encountered previously.

Our solid machinery and tools are specifically designed to eliminate the dirt and the tough stains in a set time frame keeping the process minimal, simple and timely leaving you with a greater time to rest and get comfortable with the clean and fresh surroundings.

Professional services

Those individuals in our company who are assigned for the steam cleaning job and will step in you requested area have great potentials and are highly trained for the job. We provide special training to our employees so that they have the idea of they are doing, how they will do it and what standard of perfection are they supposed to achieve. The techniques that we adopt during the process of steam cleaning are certified and widely acknowledged with no disturbances or errors placed.


In sum, if you want to have a hassle free and the best steam cleaning in Brooklyn; achieve an experience that is set to your respective requirements and saves your precious time then the experts at Annex Construction Inc are easily approachable through our website and contacts. Feel free to ask your relevant queries. Our customer care individuals are always up on the line for your convenience.