Everyone has a dream of owning a house but a lot of effort goes into the purchasing process. Starting with selection of locality then type of house and afterward it’s interior. Interior plays a very important role as it is unique for everyone interior design differs from person to person because of their different taste or choice.

Dream House
Dream House

For example, one person likes a green velvet sofa but for the other one it may be inappropriate.
The most common trend that the people follow nowadays is hiring a professional interior designer or decorator that helps them or assists them in decorating their dream house for which they use to charge a heavy amount as consulting fees from their clients. And also, they require some basic inputs from their client like their taste their preferences etc.
What if I suggest you about the website where you can find tons of home decorating DIY projects for free. House Integrals is the name of the website where you can find a large number of DIY home decorating projects Apart from these this website offers other interesting categories like
  • Lifestyle
  • Family
  • Entertainment
  • Kitchen 

    Let’s dive in to see what the site can offer you?

    Home Decor

    Decorating your house in the manner in which you like only builds your closeness towards the things that you’ve picked, in the manner of making a personal touch of home to the interior. 
    To set up a beautiful interior it is necessary to pick the correct home pieces, things that won’t only complement the existing décor but will add a new look to the home. Keep in mind, each home has a story to tell and your home decor pieces do that for you.
    The site has to offer various home decorating concepts in the form of blogs. The main article present on the website are
    1. Buttercup flower in Garden 
    2. Patio Ceiling Ideas 
    3. Acacia Wood


    The word Family delivers the meaning of love, support, and relationship with others. Perfect family is like a nest which shares the joy, sorrow, tears, success, and problems. It plays an important role in one’s life as it is the gift from God which teaches us respect, innovation and hope. The article which is present on the website is “How to euthanize a dog at home with Benadryl” this article talks about a very difficult situation that a pet owner has to go through. Another article in this category has to come.


    Entertainment is the word that holds the attention and interest of the people, or provides pleasure and delight which helps us to get relief from stress and worries. It can be in many forms such as movies, games, circus, TV shows, etc. There are lots of articles to choose from the major articles present on the website

    Dream House
    Dream House


     It is an important area of the house you can even call it powerhouse the house as it provides power (energy) in the form of food to all the members of the house. Nowadays not only your mobile is getting smarter but the appliances present in your kitchen are getting smarter too. This website provides in detail the various appliances that help to do kitchen work more efficiently. This also provides various tips and tricks and innovative ideas that one can introduce in his/ her cooking.


    This website has a lot to offer and is a perfect place for hanging out on the internet with family as it discusses the concerning issue like euthanizing a pet at a house, on the other hand, it provides a great information on home decorating measures do it yourself style another article provide practical knowledge with minute detail for planting and maintaining buttercup and an entertainment point of view, it provides information about various online entertainment portal The another important feature of this website is that it provides you a job as well if you have a writing skill then you can write blogs for them by just going to the write for us menu where you can get the all detail about this program.