Preventing all roof damage is imperative to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the outside environment in the best possible way. Roofing contractors in Boston like Melo’s Construction are highly trained and efficient to keep your roof top-notch for your safety.

Roof Damage
Roof Damage

The roofing experts educate the owners and help them to prevent any roof damage that may occur in changing seasons. If you follow these experts provided tips religiously, you would never have to ever worry about roof damages.

Following are the best-enlisted tips that will help you to prevent roof damage when the temperature starts to drop:

Clean and Maintain your Gutters

As the gutter and drainage system that is placed along the edge of your roof helps accumulate water and deposit it at a spot that is away from your home’s foundation, mainly to keep it dry and prevent any chances of getting weaker.

Therefore, you must always ensure that these systems work smoothly and are not clogged, as the clogs can lead to standing water in your gutters and on your rooftop. It is bad because standing water will always lead to excess growth of mildew and mold.

In winters, the temperature drops low and freezes the water in the pipes. Thus, you must always be sure to clean and maintain your roof gutters.

Remove Dirt & Debris from your Roof

Any type of litter on your roof is an accident waiting to get worse with each passing day. Any small or big object that is tossed around by the wind can crack or displace the shingles on your roof. Likewise, heaps of wet leaves will always lead to mold, mildew, and even entice pests.

Therefore, at the ending of the fall season, it is imperative that you clear the roof of such potential problems. However, you must ensure that you remove the debris safely because roof-related falls are one of the most dangerous, both for experts and for the owners.

Patch Broken Shingles

Substituting broken or missing shingles helps to prevent any sort of moisture from dripping into your attic and slowly damaging the rest of your house by spreading.

When you start to notice the signs of a leaky roof due to faulty shingles, you might be needing several thousand dollars for all the repairs. Therefore, you should keep a check on the shingles from time to time as it will help to keep the repair and maintenance bills low in the long run. 

Schedule a Professional Inspection for your Roof

Walking around on the roof without safety precautions is risky and often leads to many mishaps, but if you do not keep a check, then it can also lead to unintended roof damage.

Thereby, it is always a good idea to hire a roofing company and let the professional do the mandatory inspections.

Roofing companies have advanced and can now use drones to get measurements and observe shingles and other important areas of specific concerns closely without putting their safety and your home at risk.

Use Better Pest Control

The lovely trees in your area may bring pretty fall colors, but they have proven to be a source of pest problems that also include squirrels, bats, mice, and rats who are searching for a warm place to live once the temperature drops in winters.

When they find a way to get inside from the roof, they easily chew apart your roofing material to make the entrance larger, and this way they destroy the insulation and wiring inside the roof, cause moisture damage and bring in bad smells and bacteria by way of their food and droppings.

All of these entry points should be effectively covered and repaired in the fall to defend your home against these unsolicited visitors by winters.

These are some of the basic and proven tips to control roof damage in winters.