As it comes to kitchen cabinets, cherry kitchen cabinets are the epitome of traditional kitchen styles. They have been in vogue for decades. This hardwood is derived from the American Black Cherry tree. The wood is popular owing to its warm hues and the typical aging process. Carpentersrely on this wood without any doubt for its hard texture, superior quality, shock resistance property, and strength. And these characters make cherry cabinets a perfect choice for the kitchens. Though a bit pricier than other expensive hardwoods such as maple or oak, it’s worth buying considering the durability of the timber. Moreover, the wood is available in different finishes. And thus, you can personalize your cabinetry according to your style and choice of other kitchen elements. You can enjoy it for years without notable wear and tear.

kitchen cabinets
kitchen cabinets

Essential factors to know about cherry cabinets

Before you invest your hard-earned dollars in cherry wood cabinets, you need to have some basic information regarding the cabinets. You need to know about the key traits of the wood, available finishes, price, and available styles, and so on.

Characteristics of the wood 

American Black Cherry fruit wood is characterized by its closed grain with different shades ranging from light brown to light white. However, the reddish hue of the wood makes it special and standalone. The grain of the timber is diverse and thus you may sometimes find curls, pin knots, gum streaks, and random swirls. Cherry wood is mostly used for conventional furniture styles like Shaker, country, and Mission. Nevertheless, it’s also used for making contemporary, trendy, and sleek kitchen cabinets owing to its versatility. If natural light is ample in your kitchen, the cherry wood kitchen cabinets may darken fast. So while choosing the shade, keep that in mind and pick the hue that you’ll love even if it turns some shades darker.

Available finishes of the wood

Cherry wood is eternally adored by the homeowners for making kitchen cabinetry. This is mostly due to the distinctive and sometimes unpredictable aging process of the wood. Moreover, the timber takes finishes and stains excellently and results in a smooth finish. Whether you choose a lighter color variant and finish or chose a deep classy glaze, your kitchen will look and feel inviting and warm with this hardwood. Though the wood is able to take different finishes and stains, it would be good to opt for a glazed, varnished version. This version captures the actual character of the wood. You can also opt for a natural oil finish variant. You may find some discount kitchen cabinets in the market.

kitchen cabinets
kitchen cabinets

Cost of the wood 

Cherry cabinets are at least 15 to 20 percent more expensive than cabinets made of maple or oak wood. So be careful about that. If you’re still interested in the look and appearance of these cabinets but your budget doesn’t permit, you may think about RTA discount cabinets with the cherry-type finish. This would give you satisfaction to some extent. Usually, such a finish can be brought on woods such as birch and maple.

Renovating your dream kitchen needs some inspiration. And cherry cabinets can help you with that.