Smart homes are becoming more of the norm these days. When you go house hopping, you’ll notice that there are Smart features in the the home. In fact, some homeowners take pride in transforming the entire house into a smart home and for a good reason. 

Smart Home
Smart Home

Smart homes offer convenience, safety, and luxury. And these are the primary reasons why more homeowners invest in Smart homes. The Smart home market revenue is estimated to be at around US$25,246 million! That figure is proof that Smart homes are now considered essential instead of a lifestyle.  

Although you might have to shell out a hefty upfront cost, consider the myriad of benefits your Smart home will provide you. That means you can rest easy knowing that every family member is safe and your home is protected. 

However, you can gradually transform your home into a smart home by integrating these Smart features:

1. Smart thermostats

If you want to save money on utility bills, do that long-awaited roof repair and make way for green roofing. Another way you can save money on bills is by incorporating Smart thermostats. This feature lets you adjust the air conditioning and heating systems at home from your mobile app. Let’s say you forgot to turn the air conditioning off, don’t worry. Turn it off via a click of a button from your phone. 

2. Spy cameras

There is nothing more secure than having another set of eyes all over the house. Security cameras are perfect when you have children and pets at home. By leaving spy cameras anywhere in the house, you can rest assured you’re on top of everything by monitoring the house from your mobile app. Plus, you can ask for help in case it’s necessary. 

3. Smart locks

When you’re hastily doing your morning routine because you’re running late for work, it’s sometimes inevitable that you forget to lock your front door. But with a smart door lock, you don’t have to worry as you can control locking and opening it depending on who’s at your main entrance. Most Smart door locks come with cameras where you can see and even communicate with the people at your front porch. 

4. Smart smoke detectors

Safety is the primary concern for homeowners. And fires are one of the leading residential and commercial accidents in the United States. In a span of five years, the U.S. fire departments have tackled around 354,500 residential fires annually. That goes to show how this occurs regularly. With Smart smoke detectors, fires are put out even before it gets worse. Plus, once the Smart detector goes off, this can alarm authorities who can respond right away. 

5. Smart lighting

Lighting is another way to spruce up your home, depending on your mood. While dimmers are still an effective and affordable method of adjusting the brightness in the room, controlling from a central hub is more updated and convenient. Imagine, having to get up to adjust the lighting while you’re so into the movie. Moreover, Smart lighting also lets you schedule a timer to turn off your house lighting.

Smart Home
Smart Home Things


6. Smart refrigerator

Who says your kitchen should be left out? The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in your home. And more often than not, the refrigerator is one equipment that gets opened frequently. Most Smart refrigerators today have a built-in screen with a list of what’s inside. This will allow cooks to see what’s inside the ref without opening it. Some of these screens have connectivity which also allows homeowners to find their favorite recipes while having all the ingredients ready in one place. 

7. Smart cleaning

Nowadays, you can rely on a good old automated cleaning machine to do the sweeping and vacuum in your home. Devices such as Roomba can do a bang-up job cleaning those dust particles on the floor. The quality is also efficient as machines like this typically have a three-stage cleaning system – from sweeping to brushing, and suctioning. 


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